THE TODAY SHOW  /  OCT 25, 2017

In the Megyn Kelly TODAY series "Secrets: Telling My Truth," two women - one a successful attorney, the other a super mom - developed addictions to alcohol, cocaine and prescription drugs without anyone knowing until they both hit rock bottom. The women say coming clean about their secrets helped them heal.


When you think about people addicted to opioids or other pain medications, your mind likely jumps to someone you probably don’t know. You’re probably not thinking about an educated, suburban Jewish mom.


Who is Jen Simon?

Jen’s biggest secret went viral — although she was a mom, she was addicted to prescriptions pills. After her explosive Washington Post essay, she has been contacted by hundreds of women all saying the same thing: this was my story too. Jen has written about her addiction for Cosmopolitan, Redbook, Babble, and The TODAY Show. She was recently a guest on The TODAY Show and also filmed a video for their website.